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 56K Business Dial-Up Access
Communicate with your employees and customers via e-mail. Establish a Web site for your company. Conduct research on the World Wide Web. Do it all -- with EZNET.

Enjoy the internet with EZNET's DSL access product. With your Verizon phone line, enjoy download speeds as high as 7.1mb/second and with EZNET's DSL, you receive a static IP address, 20 emails, DNS hosting, and no PPPoE hassles. Call our customer care center for pricing and availability.  

Designed to provide workgroups and small businesses with high-speed, cost-effective, Internet access and LAN-to-LAN connections. A switched, digital, high-speed phone connection direct to EZNET, which comes in 64K and 128K bandwidths.

 Wireless Internet Access
Are you frustrated with slow dial–up or expensive ISDN connections? Donít you wish your business could experience affordable, high-speed, "always on" Internet Access? You can, with Wireless Internet Access.

A point-to-point T1 gives your organization a dedicated 1.54 Mbps clear channel to the Internet. A dedicated T1 enables your organization to access the vast amount of resources on the Internet with extremely high levels of speed.

 Frame Relay
Frame relay combines economy of shared transmission facilities with the control and privacy of dedicated networks.

Can't decide which solution is right for your business? Let our team of professionals schedule a needs assessment meeting with you. Just fill out this form to give us a background of your company

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