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Hardware/Desktop PCs for Home or Office

  • Intel Pentium III Processors from 450MHz - 600MHz
  • Intel Pentium II Processors from 400MHz - 450MHz
  • Intel Celeron Processors from 366MHz - 533MHz
  • AMD Athlon Processors from 500MHz - 750MHz
  • AMD K6-II Processors from 350MHz - 450MHz
  • AMD K6-III w/3D Now! Processors from 400MHz - 450MHz
  • Asus, Intel, and Spacewalker Motherboards
Hard Drives
  • Seagate, Fujitsu, and Western Digital
  • 6.4GB Ultra DMA up to 37GB Ultra DMA
  • Multiple Hard Drive Configurations Available
  • ATA/66 IDE Controller Cards Available
  • SCSI Drives Also Available
Video Cards
  • Diamond, ATI, Matrox, S3, 3DFX
  • ATI Cards: ATI Xpert98 8MB, ATI Xpert@Play98 8MB, ATI Xpert Rage 16MB, ATI Rage Fury 32MB AGP W/TV out, ATI All in Wonder 128 16MB, ATI All in Wonder Pro 8MB
  • Diamond Cards: Diamond SpeedStar 8MB, Diamond Viper V770 16MB, Diamond Stealth 540 32MB, Diamond Viper V770 32MB
  • Matrox Cards: Matrox G400 32MB
  • 3DFX Cards: 3DFX VooDoo3 3000 16MB w/TV out
CD-ROM and DVD Players
  • Creative Labs 52X CD-ROM and DVD Players Available
  • Philips CD-RW Available
  • SCSI CD-ROM, DVD and CD-RW Drives Available
Sound Cards
  • Creative Labs
  • Creative Labs Ensoniq PCI, Creative Labs PCI 128, Creative Labs PCI 512, Creative Labs Live 256 Modems and Network Cards
  • US Robotics, 3Com, Intel, Kingston
  • US Robotics 56K V.90 Modems with and without voice options
  • 3Com, Intel, and Kingston 10/100 Network Cards
Backup and Secondary Storage Options
  • Iomega 100MB and 250MB Zip Drives
  • Seagate IDE 4/8GB Tape Drive
  • LS-120 Drives Available
Power Protection
  • Fenton: PowerOffice UPS, PowerPal L280A, L425A, L660A. All Fenton PowerPal models include SmartSoftware
  • TrippLite: Isobar 6 and Super Surge 7
Operating Systems and Additional Software
  • Microsoft Windows 95, 98, and NT Workstation (Windows 2000 available soon!)
  • Microsoft Works 2000, Microsoft Works Suite 2000, Microsoft Office 2000 Professional
  • Corel WordPerfect Suite 8 Pro
  • Panasonic 15", 17", 19", and 21" Screens Available
  • Cybervision 15", 17", and 19" Screens Available
  • Epson Stylus Color 660, 740, and 900
  • HP DeskJet and LaserJet Printers Available Upon Request
  • All systems are available with one to three year on-site warranties
Want more information on EZNET Servers?

Personal Computers, Workstations, Printers, Components, and Software also available from:

Compaq | Dell | Gateway | Hewlett Packard | Kingston
3Com | Lexmark | Intel | Cisco | Nortel Networks
Ascend | Microsoft | Novell

Contact the EZNET Sales Team for details.

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