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EZNET Total Access is committed to giving back to our community. We recognize the role that non-profit organizations play, and we want to assist. If you have non-profit status, provide us with your tax ID number and you will receive special discounts on our services.

Non-Profit Internet Access and Hosting Plan

  • Unlimited 56K/V.90 Dial-Up Access
  • 1 Login/E-mail Addresses
  • 4 Additional E-mail Addresses
  • 25 MB Web page space
  • Free Technical Support 7 Days A Week 24 hours a day.
  • Free Internet Newsgroups
  • Free Setup
  • Flexible payment plans
  • 99.95% Uptime
As a Non-Profit customer, your employees are eligible for the CAE (Commercial Account Employee) Program.

Additional options are available for all of our services.

St. Marys Hospital

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