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Wireless - DSL

Using advanced microwave radio communications technologies, EZNET offers you full-duplex Internet connections at speeds of up to 17 MBPS! Depending on the connection speed you choose, you will be able to send and receive information at speeds that simply can't be matched by ISDN, ADSL, satellite - or even T-1 lines.

Why go Wireless?
NO metered usage fees
NO hidden monthly fees
NO CSU/DSU or routers required
NO Telco Local Loop Charges
NO Cable modem party lines
NO DSL availability hassles
Always ON Internet connection
Wireless is more secure than wired

Goodbye second phone line
Fast, secure, affordable
20 year record of reliability
Flexible: Internet Anywhere
382 times faster than a 28.8 modem
Better than Frame Relay
Better than dedicated lines

EZNET Wireless Internet Systems can be used for Intra-Networking, health care, business-to-business access, online services, video/audio streaming, online banking, etc. The possibilities are endless.


There are 3 levels of security in the system that an intruder would need to break down to gain access to data on the Wide Area Network (WAN).

Level 1:
Spread Spectrum
The system uses a transmission method called Spread Spectrum. Data packets are transmitted over several different frequencies in pieces. Each frequency is only active with a small piece of data for a fraction of a second before the next frequency is used. This takes place at a rate of dozens of times per second. There is virtually no way an intruder would be able to intercept the data because he would first need to be synchronized with the frequencies.

Level 2:
Network Identifier Sequence
Let's assume an intruder makes it past level one. Each private wireless network is setup with a unique Network Identifier sequence. ALL stations within that network must be programmed with the correct sequence before they will associate with one of the access points. This sequence would be extremely difficult for an intruder to crack because of the number of possible combinations, which are well above the Quintillions. It takes approximately 10 seconds to authenticate a station with the correct sequence, therefore, the intruder would only be able to try 6 ID's per minute at best, out of an astronomical number of possibilities.

Level 3:
Data Encryption
In the unlikely chance an intruder is able to break through the security in levels one and two, there is yet another level to overcome, Data Encryption. This encryption uses a key that can vary in size from 40 bits to 128 bits. Each bit added to the key doubles the number of combinations an intruder would have to try. The government standard key size is 56 bits which is 7,200,000,000,000,000,000 combinations. Adding several bits increases this number to an astronomical number. It has been said that if all the computers in the world attacked a 128 bit key collectively, the sun would burn out before all the combinations were tried.

How it Works
EZNET Wireless Internet Systems use frequency hopping, spread-spectrum technology, and transmits in the 2.4 GHz band.

The EZNET Wireless Internet System delivers unmatched range and coverage, providing reliable connectivity over distances in excess of 20 miles from our backbone.

EZNET customers are connected to the EZNET Point of Presence through a special, constant wireless connection. Requests for information are sent from the PC, Mac or LAN through a conventional 10BaseT Ethernet link to a special modem. The modem then forwards the request to a receiver antenna at the customers location. Next, the request is transmitted through the airwaves over EZNETís private spectrum to one of EZNET's tower sites and routed to the EZNET POP. The data is retrieved from the Internet over EZNET's high-speed backbone connection. The information is then sent back, from an EZNET transceiver over private, dedicated frequencies to the receiver antenna installed at the your location. The receiver antenna downloads the data and passes the information to the PC, Mac or LAN.

Rate Comparison

E-mail our EZNET sales team today and we can take your existing setup and compare it to our services

Installation Information
After a site evaluation has determined that your site is serviceable by one our multiple antennas, our professional team of installation experts go to your location to begin and complete the installation process.

The installation time is approximately a day from the time we have a signed Agreement from the customer. We will need access to the roof for the site evaluation and the installation phase of the EZNET Wireless Internet System.

For pricing on all High Speed Access connections let our team of professional schedule a needs assessment meeting with you. Just fill out this form to give us a background of your company

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