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Dial-up Access Numbers

Ashland, KY and area 606.615.0077
If you live in Southern West Virginia and have a Verizon telephone line, use this number: 500.699.1111

If you live in Southern West Virginia but do not have a Verizon telephone line, you may use these numbers (remember to make sure you won't be charged long distance fees):
Huntington, WV 304.523.4563
Charleston, WV 304.342.3800
Barboursville, WV 304.733.6000
Winfield, WV 304.586.9800
Pt. Pleasant, WV 304.675.4200

If you live in Northern West Virginia, please read about the dial-up access changes that have recently been made and get your dial-up number here.

These numbers roll over to several hundred individual modems.

Note: You are responsible for any long-distance calling charges you incur to reach EZNET.

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