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Northern West Virginia Dial-Up Changes  
EZNET has changed the setup of its dial-up system in the northern half of West Virginia.  As a result, customers in that half of the state will need to make some changes to their dial-up setup on their computers.

The dial-up number customers in this area of the state use needs to be changed.   The phone number you will use depends on the city you are in. Please visit the Northern WV Dial-Up Number List to find your dial-up number. Customers need to append "@ezwv.com" to their usernames in the dial-up connectoid.

Note: Some callings plans, such as metered local plans (Thrifty Caller is one), may result in charges when you dial. If you are unsure whether a number is a toll-free call, be sure to contact your phone company.  EZNET is not responsible for any charges incurred due to usage of our services.

If you have questions of any kind, feel free to call EZNET's Customer Care Center.

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