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EZNET Dial-Up Changes  
Northern West Virginia customers, please refer to the Northern West Virginia Dial-up Changes page.

As part of its efforts to provide high quality service, EZNET is changing the setup of its dial-up system in West Virginia.  As a result, existing customers in the Southern part of West Virginia will need to make some changes to their dial-up configuration on their computers.

The phone number a computer dials to connect needs to be changed.   The phone number you will use depends on the city/town you are in. Please visit the New Dial-Up Number List to find your dial-up number. Customers need to append "@ezwv.com" to their usernames to log on.

You may wish to use our Automated Look-up System to find what number(s) you should use. Simply enter your telephone prefix (the 3 digits before the last four digits of your telephone number, not including area code).

Note: Some callings plans, such as metered local plans (Thrifty Caller is one), may result in charges when you dial. If you are unsure whether a number is a toll-free call, be sure to contact your phone company.  EZNET is not responsible for any charges incurred due to usage of our services.

You may use Verizon's Local Exchange Finder to determine whether one of our dial-up numbers is considered local in your plan. However, EZNET is not responsible for any information obtained from this utility, so it is important to check with a Verizon representative if you have any questions/concerns regarding being charged for using any of our phone numbers.

If you have questions of any kind, feel free to call EZNET's Customer Care Center.

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