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Help With Web Pages - WS FTP

Once you have WSFTP on your system, the program is very simple to use.

First, open WS FTP and choose New from the menu bar.

The window has many fields which you must fill out in order to connect to an ftp site you wish to connect to. The information fields will be where you enter the information about the FTP site that you will be connecting to. We will use your FTP site here at EZNET. Before we start, here are the fields and what they mean:

This should be set to: EZNET

This should be set to:

You should always leave this to Automatic Detect.

This should be set to your username.

This should be set to your password.

Once you have filled in this information, you would then click on the save button. When you click on the save button it will save EZNET to your connection database. This feature is nice because next time you want to go to your FTP site, you will not have to enter in all the information to connect. It will already be saved. To select a site that you have saved, you would simply, click on the small down arrow to the left of the Profile Name field and choose the Site you wish to connect to.

Once you are ready to connect, simply click on the OK button to attempt a connection.

On the left side, you will see two screens top and bottom. The top left screen is a listing of your current drives and directories on your system. The bottom left screen is a listing of files of the directory you are currently in on your hard drive. To change directories, simply double click in the top left window on the two dots ". ."

The top left window now shows your folders on your hard drive, the bottom left window shows what files are in the folder you choose. The top right window is where you navigate through your file folders in your EZNET directory. The bottom right window displays what files are in your EZNET file folders. To upload a file to your directory, you must first click on the www folder, all of your web page files must be in this folder in order to view your web page. After you have navigated to the right folder (Remember: Your Computer is on the Left side of the screen), highlight the file you want to send in the bottom left window, then click on the right arrow icon to upload it into your EZNET folder. To stop your FTP session and log off of the ftp site, click on close at the bottom of the screen. For more help using WSFTP, click on the HELP button.

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