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Help With Web Pages - Frontpage Express

This tutorial tells how you can use Microsoft's Frontpage Express to put your web page on the Web. The process of moving a web page from your computer to a web server where everyone can see it is called uploading. Frontpage Express lets you save pages to the web by simply using the save as feature under the file menu.

First open up the Frontpage Express program, and from the file menu, click on open.

You will now be at the open file window. Next, click on the browse button.

After clicking browse, Windows users will see this screen. You can use this window to browse to the location of your web page file. After you find it, click on it, then click open.

Your web page will now be open in the Frontpage Express window. Now you are ready to put the page onto the Web. Before the next step, make sure that your computer is connected to the Internet.

To upload the web page, first click on file then click save as.

The Save as window is a critical step. Where it says Page Title, you can type whatever you want, but the Page Location section must be correct. If you have personal web space with EZNET, you will fill out this line almost exactly as it appears above. The differences will be that you will replace the part that says username with your EZNET username (NOT your password).

You will also change the part that says example.htm to the name of the particular file that you are uploading. One further tip on the filename: If the name of the file that you opened in the steps earlier is not the same name that you want it to have once you have uploaded it, you can change it here to whatever you want it to be (just remember that it must still end with .htm). In other words, in the above example, I opened a file named example.htm that I wanted to upload to my web site. In this Save as window, I can change the name of it to something else just before I send it to my site. For instance, If I had typed the Page Location line as, then when the page is uploaded, the file will be called index.htm on my web site, but it will still be called example.htm on my personal computer. Your main homepage must be called index.htm for it to come up.

Once you have this information properly filled out, click on the ok button. You will know if the information that you entered is valid by what happens next. If you get an error, or you get something called Web Publishing Wizard, then you have not entered something correctly. Just hit cancel and try again. If the window you get looks like the following screen, then you entered everything ok.

The final window is pretty self explanatory. Just fill in the blanks with your EZNET username and password. Click on the ok button and give the page time to upload to the web server (it shouldn't take very long).

Your are now ready to view your web page.

To view your web page, open up your browser, and type in the address/location bar.

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